School programme

Wayne Youle Art Programme

15 December 2019 - 29 March 2020

Years 1-13. 90 min.

Free for Porirua schools or $2 per child per programme.

Come and have a contemporary art experience!

About the programme

In this programme students will have the ultimate contemporary art experience and we will inquire how a mannequin in a shower curtain can be art!

In the gallery we will have rotational art activities responding to Wayne’s artworks. Students can use their own ‘tutu-fingers’ to doodle, twiddle, play and create. An example of one of these rotational activities is working out what the symbols in the artwork mean by using a key to crack the code! Students can make their own secret messages using symbols in place of letters. 

In the classroom students will then explore more in depth the meaning of ‘What is a symbol?’. They will then make their own nautical flag inspired by Wayne’s artwork representing themselves with symbols. 

Curriculum Links

Social Sciences 

Students will: 

  • Understand how the cultures of people in New Zealand are expressed in their daily lives L1
  • Understand how places influence people and people influence places L2
  • Understand how people remember and record the past in different ways L3


 Students will:

  • Identify personal qualities that contribute to a sense of self-worth L2
  • Describe how their own feelings, beliefs and actions, and those of other people, contribute to their personal sense of self-worth L3

Visual Arts 

Students will:   

  • Share ideas about the ideas and feelings and stories communicated by their own and others' objects and images L1-3
  • Identify the contexts in which objects and images from past and present were or are made, viewed and valued L1 
  • Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles L1-4


Pre & post visit ideas

Create an artist profile by researching Wayne Youle and collect images of his past work over 20 years.

Explore what is a self portrait? (there are many kinds of self portraits or family portraits in this exhibition)

Find out what 'appropriation' means.

Discuss what is a symbol? Symbols can be a universal language. Create a symbol ‘bank’ together and see how many can be identified by your class. You may be surprised how many you already know and are used everyday!

Find out the different cultures that make up your class. (You may need to find out where your great, or great great grandparents… came from).

What would be a great symbol to represent your class or school?

More pre and post visit extension activities can be found below in our previous Wayne Youle teaching resource

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Email or phone (04) 237 3551 if you'd like us to tailor a programme to meet your learning goals.

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