School programme


Sound, colour and pattern

Years 1-13. 90 min.

Free for Porirua schools or $2 per child per programme.

Explore light, colour, pattern and sound in front of our fabulous installation on the windows of Pātaka’s atrium.

About the programme

The windows of Pātaka’s atrium feature an installation of tessellating geometric patterns of colour by New Zealand artist Shannon Novak. When the sun shines through the windows it floods the floor and surrounding surfaces with rainbow-coloured shapes. Shannon Novak has synesthesia, enabling him to see specific colours when he hears certain sounds. 

Our programme explores  fundamental theories of light, colour, pattern and sound. Your students will be able to create music together using Shannon Novak’s coloured patterns as notes. They will also    produce cellophane artwork to flood your classroom(s) with rainbow colours.

Curriculum Links

The Arts, Visual Arts: Students will explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles PK.

The Arts, Music: Students will share music making with others, using basic performance skills and techniques CI.

Science: Physical World – Students will explore everyday examples of light and colour.

Maths: Geometry and Measurement – shapes and tessellation

Pre & post visit ideas

Find out about the phenomenon of synaesthesia and how it affects the five senses

Create a fact file/display board about the rainbow and spectrum of colours

Discover what happens when prisms hang from windows on sunny days

Experiment mixing primary paint colours to make secondary colours

Investigate how we see different colours reflecting off objects

Contact us

Email or phone (04) 237 3551 if you'd like us to tailor a programme to meet your learning goals.

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