Toi Gallery

Works are for sale

Exhibitions run for four weeks

Toi Gallery is Pātaka’s commercial gallery, where we exhibit and sell work from local, national and international artists. Works can be purchased through the Toi Store, with a 35% commission going to Pātaka, so you're supporting both the gallery and the artist.

About the space

Toi Gallery features  32 metres of linear wall space and 60 square metres of floor space. 

It can be accessed through the Toi Store and from the main exhibition galleries.

Exhibitions run for 5-6 weeks. 

To exhibit in the Toi Gallery artists must first submit a proposal to our Exhibition Committee. 

Exhibition proposals

Does your kaupapa support ours? We'd love to hear your exhibition proposal. All exhibition proposals are considered by the Exhibitions Committee at meetings held quarterly throughout the year.  

Bookings for Toi Gallery are scheduled up to 8 months in advance.

Exhibition proposal round

1 April 2023
1 October 2023