Hono Aho—Connecting Lines

Tiki Coverny, Yon Yi Sohn, Moonhee Han, and Eun Jung Jang

15 MAR–28 APR 2024

Inspired by the discovery that Korean bojagi and Māori tukutuku artworks share similar geometric design and linear forms, artists Tiki Coveny, Yon Yi Sohn, Moonhee Han, and Eun Jung Jang collaborate in this exhibition of embroidery, painting and latticework, exploring the synergy between Māori and Korean cultural heritage in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The title, Hono Aho, Connecting Lines, is derived from the traditional methods of crafting tukutuku by weaving across a panel, and creating bojagi by hand sewing fabric pieces together. In their specificity and distinctness, the art works in this exhibition create harmonious responses to each other and highlight their complementary features.

In the same way that bojagi and tukutuku start with small and fragmented elements which build upon each other, the cultural hybridity in this exhibition showcases the diverse communities of Aotearoa New Zealand, made up of lots of connecting lines.

Tukutuku and Bojagi patchwork workshops

Saturday 17 Feb and Saturday 24 Feb | 1pm - 5pm and 2pm-4pm

Join artists Tiki Coveny, Yon Yi Sohn, Moonhee Han and Eun Jung Jang who will lead tukutuku workshops and bojagi patchwork workshops based on their exhibition Hono Aho, Connecting Lines.

Free of charge, materials would be provided and registrations are necessary. To register, contact Public Programmes Coordinator Claire Noble/ 04 230 6576