Tukutuku and Bojagi patchwork workshops

Saturday 17 Feb and Saturday 24 Feb 2024

Join artists Tiki Coveny, Yon Yi Sohn, Moonhee Han and Eun Jung Jang who will lead tukutuku workshops and bojagi patchwork workshops based on their exhibition Hono Aho, Connecting Lines.

To register, contact Public Programmes Coordinator [email protected] / 04 230 6576 and include  the workshop and date you’d like to attend.

Free of charge, materials will be provided and registrations are necessary.

Suitable for individuals aged 12 years and older. Participants under the age of 12 may join with their parents’ permission if they can handle needles and delicate materials.

Tukutuku workshop:

Saturday 17 Feb- Saturday 24 Feb

1pm - 5pm

This workshop will touch on the basics of patterns and makings of Māori traditional tukutuku panels. Participants take their finished works home. Selected works may be included in the group exhibition at Pataka,

Bojagi patchwork workshop:

Saturday 17 Feb- Saturday 24 Feb


The workshop is an introduction to patchwork Bojagi, traditional Korean patchwork wrapping cloths, showing how to connect pieces of fabric with hand sewing techniques to create something for household use.