Purely Pastel

Pastel Artists of New Zealand PANZ

1 April – 15 May 2022 Bottle Creek Gallery

Purely Pastel is an annual presentation of New Zealand’s best in pastel works. The exhibition presents a visually exciting array of pastel paintings in different styles, techniques, and genres

Pastels are the oldest and purest form of art medium, and are known for their vibrancy, texture, and permanence. Pastels consist of pure pigment with a binder that is made into sticks, pans, pencils, and powder. They can be fine and delicate or strong and textural. Pastels have been used for centuries by many of the masters. In particular, French impressionist artist Edgar Degas was famous for his beautiful pastel paintings of ballerinas.

The artists in Purely Pastel utilise this historic medium to explore a range of subjects including landscapes, portraits, animals, and still life paintings in styles ranging from abstract through to hyper realism.

Image:Harper Road (detail), Zoe Alford