Amanda Wilkinson

18 Dec 2020 - 31 Jan 2021, Toi Gallery

Abstract paintings that play with the illusion of three dimensions.

The sharp lines of Amanda Wilkinson’s paintings satisfy her “need for precision”, a consequence of her previous career as an industrial designer. In contrast to this she enjoys the freedom that painting gives her to create seemingly impossible forms that can’t exist in reality.

Instead of using masking tape Amanda enjoys the challenge of painting her lines by hand. This technique creates a very flat finish that accentuates the illusion of three dimensions. A colour palette influenced by her home and local surroundings compliments the hard edges of these shaped paintings (or wall sculptures, depending on how strongly you perceive the third dimension).

Indefinite describes not only the ‘forms’ in my paintings, but also seems a suitable word to describe the unusual kind of limbo the world is in now”

Amanda grew up in a family with three generations of architects and started painting in 2016, initially as a way to unwind. Since then, her work has been exhibited throughout New Zealand and in the U.K. She was a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday National Painting Award 2019 and the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2020. Amanda lives in Khandallah, Wellington with her family and enjoys gardening and walking up steep hills when she isn’t painting.

Website: https://www.amandawilkinsonart.com
Instagram: amandawilkinson.art