Getting to the Point

Clive Kelly

13-March - 17 May 2020, Toi Gallery

Clive Kelly’s new exhibition Getting to the Point is a series of ethereal landscape paintings that metaphorically respond to his life’s journey. 

‘I use land, sea and elements of history to depict my life challenges, discoveries, gains and losses. Coastal headlands and vantage points are symbols of reaching a settled place within myself at this time in my life.’ Clive was initially encouraged to draw and paint the sea and coastal landforms by his mother, Joy, - also a painter - who would often join him in exploring such subject matter.

Currently residing in Wellington above Evans Bay, Clive has always lived as a cliff-dweller overlooking the sea. The stormy 'ebb and flow' of life is a recurring theme within his work, featuring in various forms in previous exhibitions such as Undercurrent, 2007; Drift, 2009 and Off the Deep End, 2013.

He has experimented with combinations of oil paint and bitumen emulsion on board for many years. These materials provide opportunities to harmonise colours as well as the ability to re-work the painted surface over a longer period, allowing him time to step back and consider the work as it evolves. 

Clive trained formally as an artist in early adulthood and has been making art, exhibiting, teaching art and taking art tours both in New Zealand and overseas in the years since.