Down to earth

Aimée McLeod, Rebecca Flowerday, Rebecca Neal, Jenny Turnbull and Karin Amdal

19 June – 26 July 2020, Toi Gallery

Connected by clay, this exhibition features ceramics from 5 studio potters who work in the Wellington region. 

Often described as down to earth people, potters are grounded by the material they work with. The messy, hands on back-end-work is hidden, with viewers only seeing the finished work.

Used to working in isolation, these artists have been meeting regularly to share ideas and friendship. However, many of these pieces were made as the world gradually shut down during Covid-19 Lockdown.

The diversity of pots in this exhibition reflect the different cultural and professional backgrounds and levels of experience of the artists. Behind each pot there is a story of individual approaches to working with clay by using different techniques, clay, firing and surface treatment.