Face Palm

James Harcourt

13 December 2019 - 26 January 2020 Toi Gallery

James’ colourful leaf masks explore the relationship between people and plants.

Harcourt has been in awe of nature for as long as he can remember and his deep felt connection with the natural world is the inspiring catalyst for all his artworks.

“From childhood I have been fascinated with plants and the way they move in front of us.

Since then I have planted many trees, food plants and flowers and as a field officer in the conservation department I worked restoring habitat.

The 'Tree of Life' as a guiding principle stems from wisdom gained in communion with plants. Representing interconnectedness of all things, the 'Tree of Life' has grown among us as a beacon of respect, humility and wonder. A metaphor for community strength and hope.

Ancient cultures understood plants in ways that surpass our present knowledge of the plant kingdom.

Science is just beginning to reclaim some of this knowledge. The latest scientific research indicates trees have surprising capabilities.

Memory, recognition of colour, chemical sharing interspecies, long distance warning systems and community disease management are just a few of the practical tools plants have.

Oxygen, shelter, food, fuel, medicine are a few of their gifts. In Plants We Trust“. 

James Harcourt