Foaki Noa:

The Art of Ie Pili Niue

18 NOV 2023 – 21 JAN 2024

Discover the art of Ie Pili in an exhibition of treasured textiles lovingly crafted by fifine Niue.

Bottle Creek Gallery

Ie Pili is the traditional Niuean method of designing and creating textiles gifted at special gatherings to adorn ceremonial spaces in preparation for mukemuke (new-borns) and other milestones – haircutting, ear-piercing, birthday celebrations, weddings, and funerals. Learn from Joy Sipeli-Antipas, heritage artist, as she explores the art of Ie Pili Niue passed down from matriarchs in her magafaoa (extended family) in an exhibition of textiles made by her and other Aotearoa-based fifine (women of) Niue.

Above: Joy Sipeli, 2023, Ie Pili Lā Mafana, 100% cotton fabric.

Right: Joy Sipeli 2023, Ie Pili Lau Moana, 100% cotton. Handprinted fabric by Margaret Jackson

the art of Ie Pili Niue with machine and lei in backgroun