Malo Tokelau

Photography by Ben Dickens

6 March - 10 May 2020

Malo Tokelau is an exhibition of portraits that represent the diversity and energy of the Tokelauan people. 

In 2019, Ben Dickens traveled to Tokelau to shoot the documentary ‘Vaka’. The 20-minute documentary, commission by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, showcases the strength and resilience of Tokelau's people in the face of climate change.

Tokelau is particularly impacted by climate change: with land sitting only two metres above ordinary high tides, predicted sea level rises may submerge the islands of Tokelau within 50 years. 

As a response to this, Tokelau has become a world leader in renewable energy being the first 100% solar powered nation in the world. 

Ben took portraits of everyone that helped him while working on the film.

Presented for Wellington's Tokelau community, Ben hopes this exhibition reflects what Tokelau looks and feels like now.

Alongside this portrait exhibition, local Tokelauan artists Moses Viliamu and Jack Kirifi will create a large artwork that responds to the themes of climate change.