Kerry Jane Scott

31 January - 8 March 2020

Kerry Scott returns to the Toi gallery with a new series of colorful multimedia paintings that explore Porirua’s waterways.

Porirua’s streams and harbours are home to the migratory galaxiids, a species of indigenous fish whose numbers are declining.

Drawing upon previous research and projects, artist Kerry Jane Scott considers our relationship to the species, more commonly known as whitebait.

Whitebait are the juveniles of six species of native fish which includes īnanga, kōaro, and various kōkopu.

Kerry wonders whether by grouping these fish under the name of “whitebait” it creates a separation from these various species, which in turn contributes to their decline.

Through her work she explores how terminology can determine how we experience things, whether a fish plant human, anything...and how peeling away those layers of classification can reveal a meaningful connection.