Who am I to wear Moko Kauae

Putaanga Waitoa

1 April - 9 May 2021, Bottle Creek Gallery

Retaining cultural authenticity of an ancient expression.

Moko Kauae is a Māori womens birthright. Who am I to wear Moko Kauae is a space to challenge the narrative of our ancient feminine markings in a modern world.

Throughout the years our narratives and imagery have been the source of monetary gain by tauiwi, we now reclaim these spaces as our own to tell our stories while retaining cultural safety and authenticity.

A curation by photographer, Putaanga Waitoa in collaboration with mana Wāhine aims to celebrate the reclamation of indigenous storytelling, decolonising the lens while honouring Māori artistry.

Made possible by the generous funding from Creative New Zealand