Virtuoso Strings

O Matou Malaga. Our Voyage

3 May – 2 June 2019

The photographs appearing in this exhibition were taken by Tracy Sexton. 

About the exhibition

Photographs of the orchestra players will also feature in a soon to be released book: Virtuoso Strings, O Matou Malaga, Our Voyage which will chart Virtuoso Strings’ journey in pictorial and narrative form.

The book will portray how two driven local musicians, Elizabeth and Craig, converted their desire to create equal opportunities in music into a thriving and supportive orchestral environment which nurtures the talent of all young music students, regardless of background. 

The orchestra has embraced the natural talent in the Porirua community and helped students to develop strong peer and community connections and build an enduring sense of self-worth.

About the artist

Tracy Sexton was introduced to Virtuoso Strings in 2014 when her daughter Ella joined the orchestra. Not long after Tracy began photographing the children of Virtuoso Strings and listening to their captivating music. Helping to portray the orchestra’s journey has been a long-term project for Tracy that has brought her immense pleasure.